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Olympus Endoscope Reprocessing Specialist Training courses

Olympus Endoscope Reprocessing

Specialist Training courses


The Olympus Academy is offering an intensive training programme that covers care and maintenance, cleaning and disinfection of gastroscopes, colonoscopes, bronchoscopes and endoscopic accessories.

The first of these courses will be run in April.  Dates and locations are:

April 6                 Gisborne             Hauora Tairaqwhiti Hospital

April 10               Auckland             Olympus LIVE, Albany

April 11               Auckland             Olympus LIVE, Albany

April 16               Auckland             Olympus LIVE, Albany 


For more details email:

Alternatively, click on this link

Then go to the Events & Training drop-down menu.


Also covered is the history of endoscopy, structure and function of endoscopes and includes hands-on demonstrations.

With the increased awareness of the risks associated with cross-infection through inadequately decontaminated medical equipment, the requirement for education and training of staff is vital in running an efficient endoscopy service.

Where instrumentation is complex, it is particularly important that those responsible for care and maintenance understand the basic principles of its construction and the possible consequences of not implementing both thorough cleaning and disinfection routine and a frequent maintenance programme.

Flexible endoscopes are used in an ever-widening variety of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. To the uninitiated, these instruments can be awkward to handle, with a bewildering array of accessories, so fully trained staff are essential to the smooth and cost-effective running of a modern endoscopy unit.

This Endoscope Reprocessing Specialist Training is endorsed by ACN according to our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Endorsed Course Standards.  It has been allocated six CPD hours according to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia - Continuing Professional Development Standard.



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